The old rules have changed.  One-size-fits-all marketing campaigns have given way to custom,
target-focused marketing.  We are dedicated to small and medium business lacking the financial sources
to retain high profile marketing services in producing effective marketing strategy.   Helping our clients
solve marketing problems, then strategically positioning their product(s) and/or services; anticipate and
manage change; enhance and protect brand equity; and achieve their most important current or future
goals.   With a focus on plan development, brand research, market positioning, competitive intelligence
and market research design, we can help you with even the most complex market challenges facing your
business.   Our service is also available to non-profit and community groups who continue to struggle, with
current economic turmoil, in meeting annual financial goals.   
"When it comes to marketing, having the right marketing and design service (as part of your
team) can and will reduce business risk and improve your most important strategic business
, says Terry Holt.    "It can help identify new business opportunities and realize
growth and profits from marketing breakthroughs."
Terry Holt & Associates provide the following services:
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Terry Holt has over 40 years
experience in multi media/arts
(radio, television, newspaper,
magazine,graphic design,
photography) and has also worked
for or been retained by several
national and international
companies for his marketing, sales
and customer relations expertise.
Our associates are international,
including: Toronto, New York,
Atlanta, San Diego and London .  
Terry Holt & Associates ... serving
the Interior, Okanagan & Fraser
Valley of British Columbia Canada.
1. Marketing tactics that will make an impact for your business.
2. Evaluate your current and past marketing/advertising strategy
3. Create a strategic marketing plan for long term impact
4. Staff training available in marketing, customer relations
  & customer service.
5. Research & Development for existing or new products &
6. Full Graphic Design and Print services
7. Commercial Photography and Photo Restoration
"Over 40 years of Experience and Service"
"Success does
not consist in
never making
mistakes but in
never making the
same one a
second time."
-George Bernard