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"The 59 Commandments of Business Marketing -- Sales Edition"
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This month we’ve devoted the entire issue to sales. If you’ve never hired a
dedicated salesperson before, you won’t want to miss our cover article with tips
for hiring a sales rep. Looking for sales tools and apps? We have nine to
suggest. And we have insights from the CEO of one sales app, PipelineDeals.
This month we have results from a SurePayroll survey about the size of the sales
commissions small businesses pay. The numbers may surprise you. We bring
you a fresh update to one of the all-time most popular articles on the Small
Business Trends website, with 59 tips for business networking (see why it’s so
popular!). And there’s lots more.

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"The ABC of Sales: Lessons from a Superstar"

Renowned sales trainer, Brian Tracy, calls The ABC of Sales "an exciting tale of
success and achievement. ... It gives you the tools and strategies to achieve all
your goals." Author Daniel Milstein shares eight secrets for consistently reaching
high sales levels and lays out in clear understandable language what it takes to
be a sales superstar. You'll peer inside the mind of a successful sales talent so
rare that universities will use this book for their business classes. They're not
talking theory here-Dan Milstein is the real deal. He is the 35-year-old CEO of
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, an Inc. 500 company that closes a billion
dollars in loans annually. Milstein has been recognized as the number one
mortgage originator in the nation, has been among the top forty financial
professionals in America for ten years, and has achieved more than $3 billion in
personal career mortgage sales. You can't rack up numbers like that if you don't
know how to sell.
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